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We provide digital solutions needed in your online congresses, symposiums, meetings and educational sessions:
A measurable experience with aesthetic interactive design and specific developments for your organization.

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parallax background


Bulk attendee registration data entry

Capability to log in with a custom link for registered attendees

Preference to login by e-mail for registered attendees

Online registration capability

Invitation e-mailing


Chat area with message and question module

Interaction-oriented custom 3D foyer design for the event

E-mailing for necessary announcements

Sponsor campaigns in between coffee breaks with unique coupons

Quiz module

Content (pdf, video...) archives module


Webcast, web meeting and webinar preferences

Live Q&A session opportunity with the question/message module

Multi-session capability in more than one hall

Multi-languages support & simultaneous translation audio streaming

Live session information updates during the sessions

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